Training and Preparation


As with all Epic Series Races, teams should arrive with a solid level of fitness and stamina, as several hours in the saddle are expected each day. Teams racing the Cymru MTB Classic can expect climbs and descents on a combination of singletrack and gravel roads with a distance of 40-60km per stage. 

Technical Skills

Dolgellau sits at sea level and the course will climb to heights of between 500m and 600m above sea level.  Each stage could consist of a combination of hard packed, loose, and rocky, dry, dusty, muddy, and forestry sections with slippery roots. The route will have slower technical sections, but it will have gravel, tar, and fire road sections to link key trails. Competent bike handling skills are essential, so get in some good practice. 


Your riding partner is your most important asset, and knowing one another’s strengths and weaknesses is important for success. Be sure to communicate, as often as possibleYou are in this together, from start to finish, so agree upfront on a strategy and set goals, and remember, you are only as strong as your weakest link. 


Snowdonia National Park has a moderate sea climate with aaverage high/low°C temperature in June of 15°C/ 11°C. As with any outdoor event in the UK, weather plays a huge part and riders will need to be prepared for potential windy and wet conditions.