Get to know Wales


Located on the United Kingdom’s western most coastline, Wales is sheltered from the full force of the North Atlantic by neighbouring Ireland. This once Roman ruled land has a culture that honours its rich history and celebrates its traditions, which are as unique as the land and language it is known for.

“Cymru am byth” (Wales forever), a motto that stems from a deep love of their country and is engrained in all 3.1million people who call it home, is the embodiment of pride and adventure.

About the Host City:


Known as the gateway to the world-famous Snowdonia National Park, this market town located in the county of Gwynedd has a history its quaint façade is not quick to reveal. Founded on the discovery of gold, the region saw a hive of activity as over 45 000 troy ounces of Welsh gold were extracted in just under 100 years.

Closing operation in 1999, the trails walked by miners have been transformed to welcome hikers, runners, and mountain bikers. The Coed-y-Brenin forest is the new gem of the land with trails ranging from 3 to 40kms attracting riders from all over the world.